Sanei America is an exporter of US licensed veterinary medicines and accessories direct to veterinary surgeons in Japan. We source and supply US veterinary medicines at exceptional value. We understand the level of efficient service you expect and the cost savings that economies of scale can afford.

Our Mission at Sanei America is to provide quality, veterinary labeled medications and pet supplies at the lowest prices available anywhere. Our goal is to become your trusted supplier for veterinary products, and your veterinarian's partner in providing total pet health care. We carry products from all the leading drug manufacturers in their original packaging. Our inventory rotates frequently keeping products fresh and current.

We stock only products with proven efficacy and that are well respected in the veterinary community. Sanei America is a licensed Wholesale Drug Distributor. Prescription Medications are Available Only to Licensed Veterinarians, Pharmacies and Wholesalers.
We do not supply medicines to the general public.

Prescription Medications for Dogs, Cats, Horses & More

■ Allergy & Antihistamines
■ Antifungal
■ Arthritis & Pain Control
■ Digestive Tract, Liver & Pancreas
■ External Parasite Treatments
■ Fluids & Electrolytes
■ Hormone Endocrine
■ Insulin & Diabetes
■ Respiratory System
■ Shampoos & Conditioners
■ Tranquilizers & Sedatives
■ Vitamins
■ Heartworm Prevention
■ Antibiotics
■ Anxiety & Behavior Modification
■ Dental
■ Ear & Skin
■ Eye
■ Heart & Blood Pressure
■ Immune System
■ Neuromuscular
■ Seizure & Epilepsy
■ Syringes & Needles
■ Urinary Tract & Kidney

and More….

Sanei America carries a full line of pet medications to treat and prevent a wide range of illnesses and conditions. All of our prescription pet meds are available only to licensed veterinarians and physicians.

We can supply your veterinary practice and pet pharmacy with all types of pet prescriptions, including sedatives, tranquilizers, antibiotics, anti-fungal medications, and heart medications.

Sanei America sells medications for dogs, cats, birds, horses, small and large animals. We also carry pet supplies, such as needles and syringes, to make medication administration safe and convenient. We sell name-brand products at discount prices so that you can treat your animal clients safely and effectively.

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